General FAQs

If I am not in the land business can I purchase from you anyway?

Absolutely! Although we primarily sell to established real estate investors, we have found that some of our best customers are new to this business. Please feel free to email or call us to talk about your interest in rural land.

Do I need a real estate agent or attorney to buy or sell land?

No, but they sure do a lot of marketing to make you think so. Real estate agents tend to market land for what it might be worth if the right buyer comes along some day. I market land at wholesale prices for a quick sale, excluding additional fees to get the end user the best price.

Why should I buy from you instead of a real estate agent?

Real estate agent’s fees can range from 2% to 10% of the purchase price. We eliminate the middleman, saving you even more.

What kind of payments are accepted?

We accept cashier’s or certified check, money order, wire transfer, credit or debit card, and electronic bank transfer (ACH).  If you can get cash to me, of course we’ll take that too!

Can I set up a payment plan/financing?
Yes, if a payment plan is not detailed in the listing, please contact us and we will come up with a win-win solution. If you decide to go this route, you pay a down payment and we both sign a land contract that spells out your monthly payment. The property is then yours to use. When the price is paid in full, we grant you the property with a deed.

How do I qualify for a payment plan?

If you are interested in the property, can pay the down payment and make monthly payments, then you qualify. You don’t need a credit check or background check.  There are no additional fees other than the price and payment plan we agree on. If your circumstances change along the way please let us know so we can work with you. We want you to use the property and enjoy it–then show and tell your friends how you got your land from us so they can too.

Why do you sometimes offer two different prices, depending on whether the payment is up front or financed?

Often, we would prefer to sell certain properties for cash quickly. When that is the case, we discount the cash price to make it more attractive to you.

Can you hold a property for me?

To be fair to everyone, our properties are sold first come, first served. If you want us to hold the property for 7 days, while you get together your payment, we charge a $100 fee. This $100 will be applied to your purchase, if you go ahead and buy the property

About the Process FAQs

How does the sale process work?

Once the purchase price is paid in full, we prepare a Grant Deed or acceptable high quality deed to officially transfer ownership to you and have it notarized. You don’t need to sign anything. We send the new deed to you and you own the land! The deed must then be recorded with the county.  You need to tell us how you want the deed titled and what mailing address to include for the deed and taxes.

How is the deed recorded?

In most cases, we electronically record the deed for you. In some (rare) cases we will ask you to record it. It’s pretty simple, and we will send instructions when the deed is sent. Usually, you pay the county a recording fee (about $16-50 depending on number of pages in the deed) and transfer taxes (55 cents and up; each county has  transfer tax schedule based on the value of the land).  Some states have different procedures, we will make sure you have all the information you need to get it done quickly. Usually, the recorded deed will be sent back to you within a few weeks, but sometimes (depending on the county) it can take up to a couple months. Please be patient.  If we record the deed electronically, a copy will be sent to you immediately (usually within one week).

How should I title the property?

There are all kinds of ways to own a property.  See this article by Investopedia to understand the many different ways a title can be held: Holding Titles on Real Property.

Can we use escrow to close?

Sure, if you (buyer) pay for it. Signing over a deed is a simple process, so it is hard to justify paying someone else to do something we can do with no cost involved.

Do you offer title insurance?

Sure, if you (buyer) pay for it. Sometimes it makes financial sense, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’re buying a low dollar value property, and the policy you find costs several hundred dollars, it might not be worth it. Especially, since title policies have a lot of exclusions in the fine print, and you might find that the title issues you’re worried about aren’t even being covered. When we purchase properties for resale, sometimes we buy title insurance policies but more often than not, we don’t. If we do have title insurance on a property being sold, it will be noted in the listing. What’s great is that when you buy land without a mortgage you are not required to pay exorbitant fees to a title company.  Most deeds are digitized now so most anybody can go research the chain of title.

Can I buy land in my kids’ names?

Yes, one of the nice things about transferring land in the US is that the buyer does not have to sign. The seller signs as the grantor granting the property to the Grantee or receiver of the grant. A child not of age to sign legally binding contracts does not need to sign to receive or take ownership of land. They might have a hard time selling it until they are of age.

Are there back taxes or liens associated with the property?

Unless otherwise stated, all of our properties are free, clear and current at the time of conveyance. A few properties may have delinquent taxes, so please see the tax information section in each individual listing.

What kind of guarantees can you offer?

We want happy customers, so if there is something wrong at any step in the process, even after you’ve purchased, contact us right away and we will do my best to make it right.

Property Information FAQs

What else can you tell me about the property?

We purchase real property for the sole purpose of re-selling it.  Everything we know about each parcel is stated in the listing.

Can I go tour the property before I buy it?

Yes, please do. Some land you can drive right up to and others need some tenacity and ingenuity. With GPS coordinates and a modern phone or some research on the internet ahead of time you should be able to go look and see the land for yourself. You don’t need to ask for permission, just go. Lots of buyers call us from the land and buy it during their visit.

Do we need to meet in person?

No, the entire process is done remotely. We do it by phone, mail, and email.

Does the property have utilities?

See specific property’s description. Unless otherwise indicated, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities. They are perfect for a solar or wind-powered “green getaway.” Please contact the county to make sure the parcel you are purchasing has everything you are looking for.

Are mineral rights included?

Mineral rights are usually not included. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold.  If you have further questions please contact us directly.

If I am not in the United States can I still buy land from you?

Yes, as long as your country does not have a trade embargo with the United States, then you can buy our properties.

Can I raise crops or animals on the property?

Most likely, yes,  but each property has its own local restrictions. You should check local zoning first.

Does the land perc?

I’m not sure on most of our properties. You can go perc test any of my land before you buy it. Please go on YouTube and search for how to perc test land. There are lots of off grid build types making very informative videos on this subject. They teach you how to dig a little hole about the size of a 5 gallon bucket. Then pour water in the hole and time how long it takes to soak in. Depending on local codes the depth of the hole and the diameter of the hole are dictated. The volume of water is dictated too. Then there is a local guideline about if it takes longer than the allotted time to drain then the land does not perc. Please do your due diligence, if this is something you may consider an issue.

Can I put a trailer (or other structure) on the land?

Hopefully, but you really need to ask the local zoning. We don’t care what you put on the land as long as it is within zoning guidelines. Get creative with it!

Will you give me a tour?

No, we are not real estate agents trying to make a commission.  We are trying to sell beautiful pieces of land quickly. If you would like, use your cell phone to look up the GPS coordinates to the property. Download a free app that shows you the actual coordinates. We can assist if you have trouble locating the property.

Do you have any pictures of the land?

Sometimes we hire someone to go take pictures, but we started noticing that someone often buys the land before we get the pictures from the person we hired to go get them. If you are touring my properties please take pictures. We will compensate you for good pictures. Try to get the road or lack thereof. The view in all directions and anything you think is noteworthy good or bad.

Do you own any other property in the area or right next door?

We only buy properties that people are willing to sell.  We buy properties quickly and at low cost. What we can do is offer you names and mailing address of the neighbors to land you buy so you can reach out to them directly.

PLEASE do your due diligence.  What does this mean?

Prospective buyers are urged to examine and research all properties prior to buying or making an offer to purchase. Contact any state or county offices, utility companies, homeowners’ associations and other relevant organizations before making an offer to purchase or placing a down payment. By buying you are acknowledging that you have completed all due diligence and that you understand the legal commitment to purchase.

All land parcels are sold “as-is, where is.” All information contained in our land for sale listings has come from reliable sources or prior owners of the subject properties and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, we make no guarantee expressed or implied as to the location, condition, accessibility, terrain, build ability or information contained in these property listings. Sizes advertised are approximate. For many of the properties listed, we use GPS maps. This GPS maps information is for the purpose of locating your property only. Prior to building a fence or any structures on your land, you should contact a state licensed surveyor to mark the exact corners of your property or to get a property survey done in the county the property is located in.

And finally…

We try to make the process of buying properties as simple as possible. If you have any issues at all please contact us so we can address them, quickly.  We would love to establish relationships with our customers — we are happy to answer any questions.

Enjoy your new Vacant Acres!

Frequently Asked Quesitons


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